The Birth of Shaman


Acrylic Painting 80 x 60 x 3.7 cm by dazli Focus


As a woman I have often felt unsure of my role in life, relationships and society as a whole. I have had glimpses into this aspect of myself but never have I truly embraced the gloriousness of it all. This year I realised that our true nature as women embodies intuition, and it is a part of our life in so many aspects. After all, you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the phrase “women’s intuition”.

So through my connection with this sacred part of myself, along with my ever growing appreciation for mother earth and all mothers in my life, the idea of I myself being a shaman was born. It was through this painting where my full embrace began. My full embrace of who I am as a human, as a women, and my role and contribution in all aspects of our planet, our home, Gaia.

All of my paintings are on a 3D canvas and the artwork wraps around to all sides, this makes it easier for you to install into your home or office as it does not require any kind of frame.

Every painting is created with love and is one of a kind. I will never sell a duplicate or a print as I believe each piece of art holds within it a sacred part of the moment in which it was created.

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Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 3.7 cm


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