Abstract Paintings by dazli Focus

Created from a Present State of Being

I believe art is love, are you ready to come get some?

Welcome to my website! Thanks for stopping by,

Here's a little bit about me.
I have been a creative my whole life, and a professional artist for the last 5 + years. I am drawn to expression through colour and movement, capturing the essence of the moment in paint on canvas. Most of my paintings on this site were created in a lovely town named Leiden which is very close to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. My husband and I lived there for over 3 years before moving to Canada and starting a family. Since being here, painting has had to take a backseat for a little while, but I am excited to have begun creating again! Please feel free to message me on instagram @dazliFocus or via the contact form on this website if you have any questions or inquiry. I believe that the state I am in while creating directly impacts the work of art and how it effects the person who views it (and even more who puts it in their home!) I have a strong intention of spreading good feelings through sharing my abstract paintings with You ♡
-dazli Focus

A long time coming!

It is amazing how much can change in a few years! A couple weeks after my last post I realized I was pregnant and subsequently got really bad morning / all day sickness! We had a lot to prepare before our little Graham was born, pack and sell a house, move across the globe, and […]

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New Series Coming Summer 2019!

Hello my lovelies, and Welcome to all the wonderful new comers! I just wanted to give an update on how things are progressing. As it says in the title, I have a brand new series launching this summer! It’s name will come in a week or two so stay tuned via my instagram for that! […]

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New Logo + New Gallery Complete!

Happy New Year!!! Last year was a hugely productive and incredible year, my lovely husband and I were married and on the very same day I sold my first painting! The art was displayed on the walls during the second half of our special day and someone came up to me expressing a huge desire […]

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Under Construction

dripdown.com is currently under construction Updates Complete! The next update will include more information about my painting process and lifestyle – living & creating through the Mushin Method The team has worked diligently to create a brand new gallery as well as an online store where you can buy the artwork and paintings right from […]

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Get Ready! [is what I’m telling myself]..Now Leap!

The new website is complete! With a contact form and a whole new set of artwork. I’m a little nervous to really put it out there but I know it’s time, it’s time to finally go for a dream I’ve wanted for over a decade. [to sell something I’ve created] My next step is contacting […]

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I am so excited!

On my couch & looking at the TV I can edit my whole site! I Love you WordPress *dreampress!!!! it’s nearly been a decade but IM BACK BABY!

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