A long time coming!

It is amazing how much can change in a few years! A couple weeks after my last post I realized I was pregnant and subsequently got really bad morning / all day sickness! We had a lot to prepare before our little Graham was born, pack and sell a house, move across the globe, and setup our new residence to prepare for his arrival!

In all that chaos, and the journey of becoming a mother I have not had the space or time to create more paintings, so for now, and including the next series to come, ALL of my paintings have been created in my studio in Leiden, in The Netherlands! (Western Europe)

We shipped all of the artworks over and are keeping them safe and dry until they reach your beautiful space. I hope to finally release my newest set at the end of this year, thank you for your support!

New Series Coming Summer 2019!

Hello my lovelies, and Welcome to all the wonderful new comers!

I just wanted to give an update on how things are progressing. As it says in the title, I have a brand new series launching this summer! It’s name will come in a week or two so stay tuned via my instagram for that!

Today I am actually going to be giving out my business cards to a few businesses in my gorgeous city of Leiden!! I have been putting this off for a little while but the day has come to put my love out there and share it with the rest of the world. If you are one of those people who received a card from me recently, then hello again! I hope you find everything you’re looking for on this site and if not please contact me anytime. I would love to show my creations in your home or business and let you absorb all of the love I put into each piece. It is absolutely free to show my works in your business or establishment.

That’s all for now,

I wish you a wonderful day!

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New Logo + New Gallery Complete!

Happy New Year!!!

Last year was a hugely productive and incredible year, my lovely husband and I were married and on the very same day I sold my first painting! The art was displayed on the walls during the second half of our special day and someone came up to me expressing a huge desire to buy “A Mother’s Love”. What a whirlwind! Two wild dreams coming true all at once. It just proves that everything you want can [and will] fall into place at the most perfect time. This year will be no different, with great big moves in the plans!! [just a little tease for you <3]


I feel like the New Year is the perfect time to expand and solidify my Logo, Website and my brand NEW business Card! I am very excited to get the last thing done on my list of preparations and get that card printed. My next step will be visiting local businesses and handing that thing out to get some more eyes on my art. I have a secret plan to give a deal on my paintings – and I am revealing that right here for the first time – whichever painting I sell next will be fore €222.22 [even if it is the most expensive!] So if you have been eyeing a piece that might be a little too much damage on your wallet, now is your chance to get it and become the very special 2nd buyer of one of my original creations!


All my Love and adoration,

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Under Construction

dripdown.com is currently under construction Updates Complete!

The next update will include more information about my painting process and lifestyle – living & creating through the Mushin Method

The team has worked diligently to create a brand new gallery as well as an online store where you can buy the artwork and paintings right from here! You can be sure that 100% of the proceeds go to the artist.

I am so excited!

On my couch & looking at the TV I can edit my whole site!

I Love you WordPress *dreampress!!!!

it’s nearly been a decade but IM BACK BABY!