Where does it go?


Acrylic Painting with 3D aspects 60 x 80 x 3.7 cm Shipping included by dazli Focus


Continuing the theme from my painting “Where does it come from?” I’ve chosen to showcase this piece which represents my continued curiosity about the fundamental nature of our reality. There are just so many things we have left to learn and I’ll never grow tired of it.

Throughout my years of observing and pondering I’ve come up with some of my own theories [also borrowed from others] about what it is at the core of our being and the true essence of existence itself. The conclusion I’ve come to is that the only thing I know for absolute certain is that Love is real. Love is at the core of every being, and at the core of every relationship and interaction. Love is why I paint and Love is what brought me to where I am right Now.

Descartes, the famous philosopher, said “I think therefor I am”, which was a great place to start, but I believe that I can be and others can “be” without having thoughts. So I came up with my own rendition on this, with the only things I know for certain:

I am,
I love,
∴ I am love.

All of my paintings are on a 3D canvas and the artwork wraps around to all sides, this makes it easier for you to install into your home or office as it does not require any kind of frame.

Every painting is created with love and is one of a kind. I will never sell a duplicate or a print as I believe each piece of art holds within it a sacred part of the moment in which it was created.

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Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 3.7 cm


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