Get Ready! [is what I’m telling myself]..Now Leap!

The new website is complete! With a contact form and a whole new set of artwork. I’m a little nervous to really put it out there but I know it’s time, it’s time to finally go for a dream I’ve wanted for over a decade. [to sell something I’ve created] My next step is contacting some galleries! ooh so scary. Also I have a new video on the way in the next couple weeks, it’s My First Time painting while I can see properly! [with glasses]


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  1. Absolutely love your art and through it how brilliantly you are expressing the journey you are on! Finding your I Am, embracing your Feminine Creative energy and expanding through it, to become something greater. This is the exact spot where we are with what we are doing also. http://www.AmazingWomen Just creating the website and was stuck on the imagery until I saw your art again. Thank you!!! ??♥️????

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