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Why MFT?

There’s nothing quite like the very first time you do or try something new, so this is where I share with you some of my firsts!

The idea originated with a cooking show where I tried new recipes for the first time. My clumsiness and lack of proper filming equipment/knowledge makes them a little cringeworthy – but don’t fret! I choose to embrace my clumsiness and at times awkward antics.

Now I’ve changed formats and I’ll be sharing videos of my first experiences throughout this crazy-wonderful life from painting to moving across the globe!

Latest Posts

Under Construction is currently under construction These updates will also include more information on the newly created painting style – Mushin Method The team is working diligently to create a brand new gallery as well as an online store where you can buy the artwork and paintings right from here! You can be sure that 100% […]

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Get Ready! [is what I’m telling myself]..Now Leap!

The new website is complete! With a contact form and a whole new set of artwork. I’m a little nervous to really put it out there but I know it’s time, it’s time to finally go for a dream I’ve wanted for over a decade. [to sell something I’ve created] My next step is contacting […]

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I am so excited!

On my couch & looking at the TV I can edit my whole site! I Love you WordPress *dreampress!!!! it’s nearly been a decade but IM BACK BABY!

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